Having first introduced the alternative energy installation produced in collaboration with our partner IBS at the first European round of the Championship in Barcelona 2019, the team structure is now running 100% autonomously on renewable energy.


We use renewable energy for all energy sources, including the tools around our race cars like welder, air compressor and battery charger, and also for our heating, light, our motorhomes, trucks, refrigerators, catering and technical equipment.


We have created a solar energy system that includes solar panels on our trucks and rooftop and a bespoke solar energy storage system in collaboration with our partner IBS to produce around 160 KWh of renewable energy to power us through the weekend.



A UK home uses on average around 3700 KWH a year, so every weekend, GCK’s green solution produces enough energy to power your entire home for more than two weeks.



To be completely autonomous, providing a renewable energy source within and to the paddock. #ChangingTheRules


For more information, please contact: nini.miko@rootsltd.com

“I’m always looking for innovative solutions that can completely change a project's output, effectiveness, quality, efficiency and impact. We need to look into renewable energy sources to increasingly take over power production, especially for large scale events. Having invested into environmentally-friendly solutions for some time now as part of my work with GC KOLLECTION, I’m excited to be able to bring a functioning, reliable and effective alternative energy solution to something as highly charged as the rallycross paddock. At a time when renewable energies are at the heart of debates on the energy transition and on reducing the use of fossil fuels in electricity production, directly affecting the future of motorsport, I believe we need to look beyond alternatively powered cars but look at the enormous energy needed and consumed during a race weekend to bring a race event to life. It’s incredible to learn how much energy is consumed per round and we had some huge learnings to work through in the beginning as the energy demand is incredibly intense and spikes considerably around certain times of the day – we had to come up with a solution that could cope with this and I’m proud to see what we’ve developed. There’s more in store as we’re growing this solution further to hopefully be able to have the entire paddock benefit in future – stay tuned!”

Team founder and owner Guerlain Chicherit, who also designs and builds luxury chalets as part of GC KOLLECTION, and is currently building an eco-village in the Alps.


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